Malt pasta for cats

Feline hairballs are common among indoor cats, especially those with long hair.

Cats are extremely concerned with their cleanliness and grooming is a regular part of their daily routine. As a result of repetitive grooming, they tend to swallow fur, which is not digested and can cause irritation and discomfort.

Sometimes undigested fur accumulates in the intestine and becomes a clump referred to as a trichobezoar, or a hairball. Most often cats manage to expel these repulsive clumps by vomiting; However, they can occasionally become stuck, causing intestinal blockage.

In order to help our furry city cat deal with hairball disorders, we recommend treating him to some of our URBAN CHOICE malt paste.

It tastes great and contains special malt extract and dietary fiber which can contribute to reduction of hairball disorders.

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